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Parallel Connections Origin 

Parallel Connections is a virtual bookkeeping and payroll service established during the pandemic in 2021. Our organization is based in Montana and Hawaii, and we specialize in serving small—to medium-sized businesses nationwide. Our commitment to integrity, accuracy, and professionalism is the foundation of our services, and we offer a personalized and proactive approach to each project. Our clients benefit from our expertise, which allows them to focus on strategic planning while finding comfort and security in our tailored financial services.

Christy Tatsey | Parallel Connections

Christy Tatsey | Kiitokii

CEO, Bookkeeper, and Payroll Administrator

Christy, our owner, known by the Native American name Kiitokii meaning Prairie Bird, is a dedicated seeker of knowledge, constantly developing her skills and acquiring new insights. Influenced by her Native American upbringing, she holds a profound appreciation for community, a core value she upholds. Entering the business finance sector six years ago, she took the bold step of establishing her own business in 2021. Fueled by gratitude for her supportive community, Christy looks forward to connecting with others who share her enthusiasm for growth and collaboration.

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Hero Rodeo

"Love working with this company!! Excellent service, professional attitude, and committed to clients!!"
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